Thursday, May 10, 2007

Is killing the solution?

I chanced upon a news article today about culling of stray dogs under the pretext of cleaning up the city and people acceding the action. I also know where the corporation folks are coming from. The eternal pressures are not only from the unfortunate family members whose children lost a part of their flesh to these crazy canines but also from the other community who fear this might happen to their family as well.

I am thinking may be there should be a more noble way of doing away the stray dogs and for that matter the animals on the road. They don't do it with intent. They are forced to do that because they find themselves in dire straits. I, for one, still think there should be a decent way to 'kill' them, should we think we have the 'right to decide' who lives around us and who should not. Poor animals is all I can say at this point of time. There are organizations which take care of the deserted animals and I think the government should have funding or something like that so that they can sustain their effort. Electrocuting or poisoning them is not the exact solution to the problem.

Ahem.. On the same note, give me the power and I would like to decide who should live around me coz I hate beggars, I hate the ones in huts and yes I hate animal killers too. I am waiting for a chance to have a swipe at them ! Mera Number Kab Ayega !! (When would I get my chance !)

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