Sunday, May 20, 2007

How is it that such smart people can allow this to happen?

This is not a question that I ask anyone. This is something that the people in the west ask. They were quite interested to know about India particularly because they suddenly saw the rise of Indians in IT. When I was in America, the Americans always wondered why there existed poverty in a country like India when it has been doing so well. They used to say, "I am appalled by the nature of poverty. The sight of people living, eating and defecating on the streets they call home." I, used to wear my thinking cap and used to be mum for a while wondering why such a thing has happened to us.

I think we are to blame ourself for what we see around. The game of modernization sans planning is like a game of snake and ladder, has led us straight to the snake's mouth , a big one that too. Since the time the Britishers ruled us, we have taken to an easy and ingnominous life style, seek someone's help for survival. It started as an event for survival to the easiest way of life. My friend remarked " There is nothing called Free Food. It was once in the Dinosaur world, not anymore." How true? Today I can directly relate this to the people who are very able physically but they fall back on someone for the basic necessities eg food, water, shelter. India has been able to move forward largely because of the people who intend to work to make a living and the population that rely on the working class presents a different picture and pulls the development in a downward spiral. Right now it is a tug of war - the working class vs people relying on the working class for free food. Who is to be blamed for this? Why are the poor still poor in a democracy?

I may not have tangible answers to all. But I know deep down and so does everyone deep down that the population is the answer for this; The poor that knows to eek a living by seeking alms pass it to their generation and this continues. Unless this crowd is eliminated to start afresh things are not going to change. Neither I want to sound like a dictator nor am I saying this to pull a conversation point. The fact is we do it every where around us. If we need to set a few things right we have to follow a communist form of life. China did that. America did that. Most of the developed country did that. I am not saying they don't deserve to live but hey what are they trying to do. They are not making a progression. Don't blame it on the opportunities for god's sake. People by instinct are competitive. It is the place where they find themself that makes them non-competitive.

The government just can't eliminate poor people by creating job opportunities or providing education or anything. The feeling is so imbibed within them that they just would not change for good. But until then I think we will not be able to answer the question:

"How is it that such smart people can allow this to happen?"

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