Sunday, May 25, 2008

Yo, Gangsta, what's with the drinking story yo?

Well it was nothing about me into the drinking issue but the recent edition of Outlook (India's weekly news magazine), which was going non stop about the women in recent past taking to drinking and the effects on them. It reminded me about how stupidly women (particularly Indian women complained and nodded about men going to sleep after sex, they forgot they do the role of 'dead logs' beyond anyone's belief!) complain and blame men going south immediately when they get intimate. Anyway, I will talk about this later sometime.

There is a point to those complaints but then what I was thinking hard was why are women being nailed down by these moral police. I read that article and all I saw was that there was some loser women group who over did the drinking habits and became addicts. The case same as some men who indulge in sleep therapy after sex or over drink and become a menace. Now what has this to do with the increasing women group taking to drinks. To have generalized that the middle class, growingly confident, financially independent women - Drink a lot, was an awful story liner to start with.

I understand there are repercussions when you over do this but then, tell me honestly, do you think there is any activity which women or men can do without being castrated as being social outcasts (Other than being in the house) and then experience no stress, and to expect all good things happen to them. This is a new age and I think whether you drink or party or smoke or don't practice sex or don't annoy the moral police, you will be nailed down easy with the increasing stress patterns and work both men and women equally have to do. Welcome to the new age of 21st century.

Things were lot different, atleast in India, say 30 years back where you did not have much exposure. Now not only women compete but also are equally aggressive as men(Oh, we have lots sloths too), so obviously if men party, women also can party but know the limit when consuming alcohols. Binge drinking is the new age thing that has gone the full distance and has come back. It is not a taboo anymore to women, particularly, because they have learnt the art of ignoring people, read society, who cry loud if they wear jeans, shorts, micro shorts etc. Did we actually deal with a situation, 30 years back, women being managers and leading bigger corporations? Did we deal with one where women used to compete with men for a top draw managerial position way back? Did we ever know of a situation back then when women could remain single and yet achieve so many things they wanted to instead of being nailed down and buried down as early as 20 under the pretext of marriage? Did we imagine women driving or riding on their own vehicles 30 years back? So much advancement, so much progress they have all made. It looks like to me there are certain group of men who still ride on the dinosaurs back and they think they are invincible and now they are being threatened seeing women in places where it was men who crowded often. No position is safe for anyone and I feel it is these men, powered by media, go for the few party lovers who drink or smoke and make lewd comparisons.

The whole premise of my argument is not about women should not drink or drinking is not good. It is about having fun and hanging loose then there are characters who come along and make big drama queens by complaining loud that all women drink and get wasted soon and are pretty much on the track of self destruction. Eventually I feel it is about how you want to relax and knowing the limitation which is more important because the one weary thing about alcohol is that unless you know when your body cannot take more, every thing around you will sound fun. The moment you cross that you become a nuisance to all.

But do you think men drinking or women drinking and having fun in parties is bad? Do you think it is because of the new age verbs - relax and chill, that is forcing all to take to drinking habits to appear cool? Is it that the moral police wants us all to just consume health drinks and listen to carnatic muzik (which is Indian culture!) when we want to relax and chill?

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