Sunday, May 18, 2008

Yes - I am busy. I am busy....

Well that is not what I was meaning to write indicating how I was with the things around me but I have been thinking about this so called 'busy people' sucking it all up in the messengers around us with titles like 'I am busy working on a thing and don't disturb unless important'.Now now, I know, the busy word has several connotations. The person is actually preoccupied or an act to fool people around or trying to choose who they want to talk to or just hangin in there watching which person came online and went offline without doing a thing. But I always
wondered why people get into the online messengers if they were that busy and did not want to be disturbed.

I can get that feeling if you are in a messenger at work. Some weird people track when you come to work by the time you log in to your messenger. I had a German manager who used to do that pretty much concluded that I start the day late. How? I log into the messenger at work late by 10:30 ish. Then to wade through these characters who want to take stock of the situation as to when you log into the messengers. It makes sense if you said "Don't bother to respond. It is just for my sick manager who is tracking my activities".

Now how about Gtalk, Yahoo or AOL where people put up this funny one liners under the pretext of being busy. I think if you are so busy then I feel you should not be logged on at all. However, if it is for filtering out people you don't want to talk to, then how about "Blocking" them? That is more easy I say. Anyway, what is your take on when you see such liners when you get into the messenger and see a person has this next to his/her name? How will you react and what will you specifically feel?

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