Friday, May 23, 2008

Long live the saint. Long live ahoy!

Yea, I survived another year and it was quite interesting and funny the way people responded to my survival. But I maintained my status quo for this year too. Importantly, I liked this reaction better for this year, people I knew were not thinking twice bestowing me with gifts and blah blah.

Anyway, the wish remains the same, to impress a girl hard enough. Interestingly, people around were asking what was the plan for the 'year'. I was thinking why people normally look to an year from the day they are either born or celebrate their existence. Personally, there were many girls whom I liked and hanged out only to break up in the end and many bummed me but few of them remain itched in my memory. One of the them jovially said long before as a reciprocal to my memory loss on her birthday, that she will ensure she forgets my birthday and sadly we broke up long before that to see if she would have forgotten my b'day :D

That's about it. Another year well spent and survived with less diseases, spent with less losers & suckers, all I hope is an another interesting year to come by. So yea this would be a bad news to those who now know I am still alive [:D]

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