Sunday, December 02, 2007

Sins of the father and Blood - Beowulf review

A 11th Century, an old English poem totally 3000+ lines put into a movie, ended up what I saw yesterday. Beowulf is a 3-D representation of humans and a great piece of technological work that. The men, women, dragon and the location - scenic beauty, everything that came when the movie progressed was a treat to the eye.

I would personally give it an all fiver. The actually have set us up for part 2 as well. So I would not be surprised should another version come out soon. What was so beautiful about the movie was you could actually see the women close and their eyes getting lost in the hero - Beowulf's eyes, as though it were real. And we in south India, thought making an Idiot in the local film industry look 'white' in a song for an ultra stupid movie, was an herculean task! Whoever concerned should actually take a leaf out of this movie.

Though some scenes,where Beowulf does the backward somersaults when fighting Grendel, an ugly looking creature, a bit plastic and more like a video game. Shame that Angelina Jolie did not stay long put in the movie. She did her part - seducing the hero, whoever thought such scenes were a depiction of tough day at office in Ms. Jolie's world. I thought the movie had a few great punch liners too. I can recall without the twitch in the eye, "Sins of the father" , "I don't carry the burden no more" - when the King talks to Beowulf before he commits a big,brave jump into the rocky, sea shore only to die. Fantastic effect. The girls that come in the movie have no less beauty compared to the real ones. They seem to be ethereal beauties and my, do they look pretty and nice or what !

The purists and critic sites, Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic, feel against the movie. Some of the changes made by the film to the original poem, which have been the subject of discussion by teachers and scholars, include: the style and tone of the dialog; the portrayal of Beowulf as a flawed man; the addition of Christian elements; the hedonism in Heorot and which kingdom Beowulf becomes ruler of; the portrayal of Grendel's mother's as a "seductress" and her seductions of Hrothgar (making him the father of Grendel) and Beowulf (making him the father of the dragon) as well as the elimination of the battle sequence between Grendel's mother and Beowulf which (in the poem) ends with her death; the portrayal of King Hrothgar as a "hedonistic lout," or "a drunk and womanizer" and the elimination of his two sons with Wealtheow; Wiglaf's role; and the nature of Beowulf's funeral.

For fun and nice moments, it sure is a great movie to see and hope you don't see this with the Indian crowd especially the ones in Madras. Totally idiotic and they go crazy with their Mobile phones crying out as loud as it gets in the middle of the movie or their ways of screaming and shouting to appreciate the scenes or their non stop gibberish and boisterous laughter in the middle of the movie for the parallel conversation they seem to have. I don't know when sanity would prevail in their otherwise empty heads.

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