Friday, November 30, 2007

Lonely Hearts - Movie Review

Oh! Another Travolta movie and I was dead sure I was going to go see it. No matter how it was. This time around I just did not visit the Rotten Tomatoes for their review before I booked by ticket. I just had this intuitive feeling this was a good movie and it just did not disappoint me any bit. Though the idiots who came along to watch the movie in the theatre were a big big disappointment. To them English movie would mean couple of hot unimaginable moments, stunt, fight, car chase and jarring music to finish it. This movie was anything but that. Pretty much a recitation of a real life incident that happened in the late 1940's when a guy called Raymond someone goes into the killing spree. Though he would be a miserable dork when it came to wooing a lady from Spain. Though he did manage in the beginning when he contacted her through a tabloid article - Lonely Hearts. Basically people around used this column to exhibit their interests to meet opposite sex. Should I relate this line to our own famous !

Anyway, the shrewd guy managed to woo them all; when the ladies and Ray start communicating with each other by letters, he would then interest them in comin and meetin with Ray. And that was when hell was coming home for Christmas ! As always, Ray tried to make Martha believe by his usual act, she did not fall for it and thus became accomplice of Ray. Salma Hayek played Martha's role. Boy she was good in that role or what. I hated her in the movie because of that character.

They tag team and go around like brother sister pair and target people from the Lonely Hearts column in the tabloid and then finish them up for money. The way they go about doing it is like spine chilling. When finally they are caught, Ray says, it was an accident that about 20 women were killed. I accept but i am scared of the electric chair. Suddenly you feel sorry for the guy. Wait. I am not taking side of this guy. When the lady Martha would be interrogated, she would say, I made Ray kill them all coz I loved him and he loved me. I wanted to make sure he was just mine and he would do anything for me. I thought for a second, sigh, look what love made to Ray.

He prolly would have lived like a flirt, would have had banged a few and yet would have gotten away. Now under the pretext of love, how much the women vilified and slandered the poor guy ! Whatever, I would cover that feeling in my next post, whenever I would write. But these acts in the past and present is just a remainder to us all that there are idiots living around us. Trying to prey us all the time.

In the end, I would strongly recommend this Independent movie and personally would give it a 4 on a 5. Glad, they made a movie like this !

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