Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Out of my comfort zone!

Well this is not the autobiography of Stephen Waugh. But it was more how I felt when I thought it was decision I had to take for my own betterment to straighten myself out for a little bit. As I decided to move out of a place in abroad where I lived,worked, worried, was morose,happy, happier, became wise, had fun and suddenly I realized it was all going to be like a nostalgic feeling. This decision was something which I took in a conscious state of mind and I knew it was not going to be difficult. And rightly so the last week or two was unbelievably stressful for me - both professionally and personally. I had to clean out a place where I was living for such a long time and then if this thought was on one end of the stick the other was to think of people with whom I worked and known with time.

The sadness is one thing and what happened in the last week with farewell lunch and free food from the cafeteria practically everyday for me through the day (I think they did not enjoy the thought that I was leaving home. I think so!). But that is when I thought for a little bit how much we get used to a comfortable situation and the normal ways of life, the people with whom you work, the food, the climate, the routine. It is strange that half the people around don't realise that. Perhaps they don't have time to reminise.Better still !

"With greater power comes greater responsibility" - you know who said that. I can only draw an analogy on how beneficial it gets to an individual with respect to the thought process and the existence. We surely get used to how to handle things in a known environ more than an unknown. After all this nostalgic feeling came the fear, the anxiety, the undue pressure when the time was almost set for the move. I wish I do well and I don't end up regretting the move I wanted to make for several reasons best known to me and I shall take that with me to my grave!

As of now it is time to really think about the "comfort zone" loss.

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