Saturday, March 10, 2007

Review for the Movie, 300

One of the best movies in the contemprorary world. Wonderful artwork and good idea of puting that to work, unbelievable men with six packs- just makes you think if the guys in Sparta always ended up working in Gym the full time.

But the history behind the movie is a real life battle that happened between the Greeks and the Persians. The battle was the called the "battle of THermopylae". One of the biggest and most fiercely fought battle where the 300 spartans who were defending their territory all die fighing the persians.

The movie actually starts with a messenger who goes to all Greek cities offering blandishments if they would submit, and asking for "earth and water" from their soil as a token of their submission. Many smaller states submitted. However, the Athenians threw their envoys into a pit and the Spartans threw theirs into a well, taunting them with the retort, "Dig it out for yourselves" (referring to the 'earth and water' demand). That so nicely pictured. I think that set the tone for the movie big time.

For me the best thing was the way they slow motion camera works went in so well with the movie plot.

This movie is best enjoyed in IMAX or theaters. Worth every penny. I think.