Sunday, March 18, 2007

Spineless performance costs India dear.

The real reason that inspired me to write this is not to express how bad I felt being whacked by an outside team, who were categorised as "minnows", in the cricket world cup but what we learn out of this defeat and how much of impact happens because of our thoughts.

We, Indian team, actually were arrogant refusing to believe that we will be surprised by our own thoughts. They felt that they could never be beaten by a team who were categorised as Minnows for this world cup. Pride goes before the fall. That is what happened we sometimes end up putting and pushing ourself so much deep into our comfort zone that our mind refuses to accept that we can be run over by events in life. And when that happens we cry loud of being toyed by extra natural existence(not to sound rude at all). Fact is we write our very own destiny, if not right. The most I see always end up being that way. With our experience in life grows arrogance and that feeling of nonchalant and repose. We star tot take life for granted. That to me is the biggest reason for a failure.

Second, most evident from the team's performance was that we were living on the past and the abilities we possess using which we once long back proved something. We have a player in Shewag, who once played scored 300 and has never performed after that. We have a player in Sachin Tendulkare, who once performed long time back and that he had been playing for 18 years. It slowly had become more of an emotional gratitude that we started to have to these players. Life is definitely not about what we achieved in the past. Past remains in the past always . We always have to think about how we are doing in the present. That goes a long way and helps us from setting ourself to a failure.

We are the only team that has gone into the World cup with more than one player having more than 10, 000 runs under their kitty. As a matter of fact, we have a Triumvirate in Sachin, Dravid and Ganguly with a combined astounding 35,000 total runs in a 500+ ODI's. Whose benefit was it today when we were beaten by a team whose combined experience is not even 100+. Facts are on the table. It is not about living our life based on the accomplishments in the past. Yes, what we do in the past means a lot to us as a person for the present and the future. But backing ourself just on that alone is not going to do anyone any benefit.

At the end of it, we know how we want to live our life. It is all about those subtle changes we are prepared to do which makes the existence a successful one.

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