Saturday, January 27, 2007

Being Gay ..

How many people we know around us actually can say with pride that they are in a relationship with a person of same sex? Why is it considered as a wrong doing? After all what is a relationship? and why is it that people bring beurocracy to personal life? These are some questions I always had -although thinking like this does not make me bi-sexual or homosexual. If not, why I think like this? Well, it is just a thought that I had when I see people go to any length to say "Oh well he is just a close friend who means a lot to me and my future" but don't term us "gay".

Why is this term a taboo in the societies and the human echleon thus far. We say a particular region or a country as developed based on several factors yet even in the so called top draw countries the feeling is so suppressed. And I wonder why everyone wants to be a stranger to the feeling. After all for every relationship - man vs woman, to survive there are several factors and if those factors can well be accomodated within people of same sex and if the lifestyle suits and compliments the survival as one unit, why is it that people are so offended?

I, for real, was sorta glad that Elton john went with his feelings and mind you, he was one of the most celebrated person for time immemorial.Although, few countries a.k.a conservative rulers in power, feel grieved and aggravated and that they annuled the 'marriage' between them. But, seriously, you think they cared much?

I think at the end of it. It is about one life and as long as one's actions don't threaten the country of it's land or life forms, I think one should go forward doing what they think is right don't matter how it is reviewed by the governing body. After all the law and the rules are going to be malleable entity. After all it is a human feeling more than the law in true sense.

In that side note, I would like to reiterate the crux of this open thought is not that I have a feeling for a person of same sex but it is about doing what we think is right than be "gay". Again, it is upto a person to be "gay" and yet be silent thinking what others think or be "gay" to accept the other person and live a life happily ever after. After all we define the nomenclature "feeling happy(gay)".