Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow storm

The worse is always in store until the end. Now, how can this ever happen, I mean, on valentine's day and it was a snow storm - worst snow storm that got the entire Northeast america to the knees. I have never seen something this worse. But the point being why on that day. New York had so many poor story lines. Folks wanted to surprise their parters by making floral orders which were supposed to be hand given at the appropriate time and guess what we got an uninvited snow storm messing up the party.

I, for one, felt quite helpless - both for the situation I found myself in and thiers. Story my end was equally apalling. The snow cleaned us up big time and crippled us. Total connection to outer world lost, interstates shut down and here I was looking at my room heater which is right at the woods. The longer it was covering up with snow, my heart was skipping a beat. Coz that is the only source of heat to the house and should the heater konk out, guess what..

But I am not against the snow but the time and date the artic cold had to pass over. I hated that. Feb 14th - Valentine's Day. The artic freeze in NorthEast which resulted in the snow storm was called the Valentine as well. And Saint Valentine would have been mighty disappointed with what he would have seen.

I am grumpy now... anyway that is how I am always :-)