Monday, January 03, 2011

What am I going to achieve in 2011? - Accountability note

My things to do for 2011
  1. I want to transform my inner self to accept everyone for who they are
  2. increase my tolerance especially with my old parents and grand parents
  3. Lose 10 KG of weight, avoid procrastination
  4. Accomplish certain incomplete education certifications
  5. Not to leave things in the middle
  6. Put my health in front of everything else I think is important
  7. Get a better job role.
  8. Plan my finances better
  9. 3 overseas vacation
  10. Read 100 new book titles (given I read a bit but lost the reading habit because of putting undue importance on other things)
  11. Learn to share more of what I like the most
  12. Express myself to people who love me. .
  13. Learn Guitar
  14. Attend and participate in a live concert
  15. Reduce alcohol intake to once a quarter.
  16. Expertise my swimming techniques
  17. Learn a new language

I have this in my TO-DO's for the year. I will come back and say what I did by the end of the year :-] This is going to be my accountability tracker to see how responsible I am with my supposed accomplishments.

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