Monday, January 10, 2011

Show me the money but how to get to my kwan?

Oh well well, before you start riding that imaginary thought, I am talking about the new era of Indian sports, that is new to the sportsman, the citizens, the critics, the failing-to-accept-retired sportsman and so on. The new version of Indian sports (or should I say the only sport India follows), is what the money can get you. Yea, finally it has caught up with the people in the East as well how sportsman get auctioned like some objects for money they would not never thought they would be earning for a short tenure. Welcome to the new age, welcome to new India, the mullahs sure know how to show the player the "kwan" [Rod Tidwell says in Jerry Magquire]. Kwan is the package - the money, the respect, the family, the community, the everything that makes the person complete.

So what has this new age "Show me the money" done to industries beyond the intellectual one or the labor centric one is to keep pushing their luck against the 'more the better' adage. I mean, if a random player gets signed for a contract for 2.4 million dollars for 3 years and each year they play for 40 days, this contract sure is a very sweet deal after all. Rod Tidwell was the one who always worried about what his worth in totality be when the contract was to be renewed, Jerry tells him, "You should learn to play the game with your heart and not for money". This is a very powerful principle, can be something that can be applied to many things outside the game as well. Sometimes, be it the CEO or a VP of an organization or a president or a sportsman, it does not matter what they can perform unless they got their worth valued significantly better regardless of the circumstance. Show them the money, they will show you what they got.

Picture this, every person who works in a thought centric industry such as IT, thinks their command or the net worth will increase not linearly but exponentially every year without making that extra effort to improve their on the job competitiveness. Now the Karma centric decision makers a.k.a the franchise owners in an auction system (reason I say Karma is because they let you know immediately what is your worth , the old Bengal horse got peanuts for a reason after all) when they choose their team can relate to them boundary riders in the field. Their presence is their but it is still OK if they don't exist. They are going to be needed in the selection to make the numbers. They are the paper weight to many whose presence is nothing worthy after all. Now the person, who has the ability to upskill himself or herself and start to become worthy of more money directly or indirectly - though after a while money doesn't matter as your lifestyle cannot change any more dramatically. Sometimes, talent alone does not work, it is all about how well you market yourself that people will know your worth. Relating this episode, Wassim Jaffer a surviving cricketer, once made a remark why another cricketer be getting more money during the initial IPL series than him despite the fact that he scored heavily , the guy forgot what is called "entertaining" the crowd. That is one element of winning the attention. Even the gladiator won his life not by surviving the attack in the arena but purely by entertaining the crowd that directly influenced the decision of the king whether to give him his "kwan" - freedom.

That said, above and beyond, did you find your kwan yet? If not, the simple principles of life, continuing education, the sensibilities, marketing your self to know your worth, that will get you the money you need. But beyond that it is the passion with which you operate will get you to the kwan. Go find your Kwan - today.

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