Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sad state of affairs.

"Red light zone" in India is such an apathy. You don't remain stone hearted when you know get to know the stories. How much of a trick people play - parents, siblings, husband, wife and other external sources - call it poverty, income issue where you don't know how to bring the food on the table.

I was appalled not by the other known issues that do the round within India (poverty etc), but to see that the heartless and senseless people end up having small infants next to them when they get forced into this act. Children look around and it is their brain that gets so influenced that eventually the parent will not be able to correct them or whatever coz the child when they hit the Teens will surely turn around and call their parent a 'slut'. So eventually, the child is either going to take into the profession much earlier than they should - thanks to the ever increasing orgies of men and women around us !Some of the women there would definitely would like to touch that emotional chord by saying they were forced into the profession. Some could actually be telling 'true tales' but whatever it is the pictures indicate a sad story to a mighty big extend. Why can't we fucking leaglize sex just for all this sad things to happen and operate outside the homes? Atleast we are not hurting the future generation, that's the least we can do. Why can't Indian government sell sex toys to a good extend to Indians? That way they would know who to pick and certainly not a lactating women. Come on for christ sake....

Come to think of it, can Dowry in form of 100-150 soverigns of gold, car, home, land etc that come along with the girl when people get married, will that make them a slut or are we free to make a different classification because it happens in a different league? Perhaps they would call it punctilio of the family! It all started in Europe,yea Dowry started off from there. But Asians have come to understand the nitty-gritty of how to get a maximum mileage out of this concept. That is one reason why this has come to stay like that black spider in Spiderman :-)

We all end up thinking and beating ourselves for all the wrong doing. I guess as long as we have that punctiliously defined out right - we are following our actions defined by our lineage, culture and every one is happy. So long my friend....

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