Sunday, October 04, 2009

And the drum rolls...

Well just so we know what the occasion is, this is my 'supposed' 200th post. So long ! And also speaking of which just shows how as humans we expect some weird adulation for every small thing that happens around us. Kill a spring buck, oh not that, kill a squirrel at an age of 5 makes you a hero and some followers hang around, join a super cool school, college, get a girl friend, get a swanky car, get an amazing gadget, get a job, that cool pay hike, more pay hike, trip to some exotic land far far away etc etc... now don't know if all this stems out of insecurity or what, but I reckon, men (along with women that is and domesticated creatures (that have been living closely with men)) expect such adulation and not the wild creatures. Wonder why?

Anyway, I should be more often able to frequent this space. I am getting this writers sickness. Have lot of things to write but it just does not flow south to the pen. Sadly.


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