Friday, January 04, 2008

What forwards do..

What forwards do is make a pig out of yourself. No I did not want to sound harsh or rude. Usually forwards is an act of a loser sitting somewhere there laughing to himself and creating some random, great looking and meaningful pictures, which when read by the sucker who gives it all hands down thinking "gee ! am not alone !".

However, some forwards are usually a bit meaningful - other than the Rai's or or Kardashian's or Atkinson's pictures. I got a pretty neat forward for which I don't have to ramble more any further. So I thought I would rather put it up here and get stoned by the readers like you :-)
Again, some of them are so well written that it just says more than all words put together.
So get ready to have the dart stick in my unblemished face guys.. Here we go:

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