Friday, January 11, 2008

Movie Review - Across the universe

I saw this real cool movie, oh yea, if you are a Beatles fan it helps even more to go ga-ga over this move - Across the universe. But before we even think about starting over, it certainly would have been much beneficial if every idiot movie watcher atleast found out what movie they were going to watch and thereby not behave like psychedelic retarded teen kids inside the movie theater - by the way, it is absolutely normal for movie watchers in India to let go their mobiles ring within the theater, take calls, discuss about mortgage payment, talk loudly but intimately with their love life seated next seat. Perhaps, taking democracy to different plateau.

But for starters, this is a MUSICAL meaning there are going to be songs, many indeed with a plot sorts. So if you don't like, do the near by movie watcher a favor by not going in and spoiling it all for them.

I found this movie to be a perfect mix of the 60's set up, cool images, amazing songs. NYTimes says, "This risky hybrid of long-form music video and movie musical with clearly drawn characters tells the story of Jude’s star-crossed love affair with Lucy (Evan Rachel Wood), a girl from upper-crust East Coast suburbia. It follows the couple as they are swept up and come apart in the evolving counterculture of left-wing politics, love, sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll."

Its 33 Beatles songs (I am told!) which have been re-recorded. Yet “Across the Universe” feels emotionally true both to the Beatles, whose music today seems to exist outside of time, and to the decade it remembers. Smart, uncluttered musical arrangements help reposition the songs to address the situation at hand. As a result, music that has congealed in collective memory — especially the clever, breezy early Beatles songs — emerges refreshed.

So this movie, particularly, is an appreciative move by all the Beatles fan out there importantly the guy who plays the Jude character not only has the "good" looks but does a bit of acting too quite neat. The Strawberry fields song picturisation with the strawberries stuck up in the white board to show how his heart feels the pain and vacuum so it draws into the war situation in Vietnam where Mexx is stuck up with bombs, pictured as Strawberries, fall out and total chaos as a result. It has been a great refreshing moment to see genre of movies like this being taken and it sure appeases the dedicated, that small cult of followers.

I basically don't want to go with a run down with the movie outline. See it to enjoy it for yourself.
I would give it a 9 on 10 and should, should you ever like a musical you should not miss this out.

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