Monday, April 30, 2007

What does it feel like being Numero Uno !

When Liverpool beat chelsea in the EPA league, When Sampras beat Agassi in a 5-6 hour marathon American open, When Australia beat Sri Lanka in a long awaited boring world cup cricket 2007 finals, Awesome was the small word. Vintage was just speculative. Annihilation was what it was. Team effort was how it was. In Cricket, this was a true display of complete professionalism and absolute aura with which Australia ran over the international teams, making the others look so pedestrian. A team which did not have any “Big” names, a team which just lost 5 back to back matches, a team which the entire cricketing fraternity did not much like purely because of their ability to win, this was the same team which bulldozed the rest and the people who ‘shamelessly’ wagged their tongue once too long had nothing but to bite the dust and eat back whatever they said.

I had so much of belief that this was the team which challenged and consistently won the battle ever so successfully without many problems. Sometimes, we have to forcefully relate our performance in whatever we do against such teams. That is the learning in true sense. The humility and confidence driven arrogance makes this team completely unbeatable and they are in an unassailable position. I, remember how much Mohammed Ali had an influence on the boxing ring. The rule of the game was simple : pummel the opponet hard and bloody and the guy standing amidst the power punches is the victor. But Ali, had a very strange impact on the proponents. Whenever the referee used to say the rule of the game (as a mere formality) with the two boxers adjacent to one another ever so eager to have a bite at the other, but when it came to Ali, the champ would always say how he was going to destroy the opponent, how he was going to go for a knock out and how much eager he was to get going. Imagine, you keep hearing to this constant gibes that is even before the game started. Nerve wrecking is’nt it. That was why Ali was the “World’s Greatest” and rightly so R Kelly sang and dedicated the song to Ali.That to me is the greatest highpoint for a real champ. It is the champ who always makes it so sure and proves to the world why they are the greatest. The resilience, the ability, the intent to face the adversity on the face combined together with the mental strength is the recipe of success, which is applicable to all walks of life and work. This is how the current Australian team is made up of. Strong men, different personalities but one goal – Intend to succeed.

In that high and positive note am signing off.

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