Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Initial cross over

Well, now that I am home, going to work was something that surely was something that I never had in the top of the priority list but there are a few things in life which we cannot run away from. So I had to show up to work and as strange as it could be I had a very funny feeling when I stepped into the same building where I was working a few years back. New people, new policies and everything new were how I will say things were from the start. Slowly, by about 11:00 I came over and met the team which had been working remote – they were the people whom I did not even know how they looked. The mails were how I could relate to how they looked. The place looked alien to me, the work looked alien to me, the food, the climate and everything surrounding every single thing appeared so darn alien.

The initial few days were the most trying ones for me and not once I had a thought on whether I made a correct decision at all to move back. Such was the state of mind. It was nerve wracking and almost very very emotional for the fact that I used to get mails from the folks in US every other day, to top it I was just not able to relate myself and people were generally more hostile to start with. With the passage of time, things are starting to smoothen a bit and I am getting the grip of things to an extend such that I am also fiercely competing with other for seats in the bus(I still remember how I stood away thinking it was a line and how much I was fooled to see a women storm push me only to comfortably sit and travel), am slowly getting to the desi walks of life in style.

There are a few things in mind currently and until that works in my favor sooner than later I will not begin to lament if my decision to move back to India was a smart one or not. I am an eternal optimist and I will work my way. Until then in that note, varta :-)

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