Monday, February 19, 2007

Mountain Biking, a bliss

I have taken to biking more seriously these days and especially during the winter nothing beats that. It is the inital mental break through point about the cold, the distance, the uphill but with time you just dont think about that any more. It has been incredible for the fact that I am clocking 25 miles almost every other day but with the weekday I guess I would not be able to be consistent with that. And this jaunty has been helping me indirectly (call it the Butterfly effect, " "If a butterfly flaps its wings on one side of the world, the ripple effect could cause a tempest on the other"), I burn up 350 calories on each trip,which is quite remarkable.

One of the days when it snow stormed real bad. It was quite eventful that it happened.. But contrary to the common belief about biking having to make a man sexually impotent, is a fab. But I think everything within the sanity side of the line is all good.

Cycling in gym also is no bad thing at all. Atleast we end up doing something better to ourself. They say the "apple" shaped stomach for men and "pear" shaped bottom for women, is not good at all in the long run. And this is no forum for the health benefits, it is just a thought. The fun starts when we start doing it.