Saturday, June 06, 2009

Podcast me,oh the trend!

Thought about the funny evolution the world is going through - change (read it with all caps). Be it education, structure or execution of anything there is a whole lot of perception changes, the paradigm shift I would like to call.

Ages back the way project was executed (read it as anything) was not derived or based on a particular way of standards. Top corporations seem to be catching up with lost time purely by adapting to the difficult approach that is outsourcing and offshoring (still not many know the difference between the two!). But my note here is not about either of them. Instead it is about another change that has simply swept everyone off their feet - podcasts. This rather simple - apple owned, term is amazing to believe how much it has become the rule-of-life for any knowledge sharing or best practises.

Hard to believe that Apple claims it has 1,00,000 podcasts in its stores. Hard isn't it? To again retrospect and feel that in such a short span of time since its evolution to have got a ground like this is a fantastic achievement as such. Four years back no one knew about this, now every a college going teen knowns what this is and how to use it in the optimal way. I am always a big fan of technology and improvements, to me this is a massive way forward. As we move ahead, we have ensured that we don't leave breadcrumbs behind to know where we started from. This is change is going to stay and for all my money will improve a zillion times with time.
(Isn't this the same way an USB port started coming in desktops to begin with and with time it is so exclusive that no computer is accepted as a computer without an USB!).

Magic of change. BTW, there is a podcast for change too :-]

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