Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Animals and Men

Ever realized that man can be compared to any one animal at any point of time. When he gets dirty, compare him with a pig (on the hindsight, Pigs are quite clean), when he loyal, compare him with a dog and so on so forth. But ever wondered there is one innate characteristic of a person that cannot be compared with any animal and that would be using others for his own personal benefit. Read this is not about comparing with Grasshoppers where the female actually starts eating the male's head when they mate, the stupid male dies without knowing. It is part of their existence, that is the deal Grasshoppers got when they came to Earth. That is how they procreate so there is no escaping that fact. So let's not go there.

So people with this characteristic (insecure, haplessly pathetic) who think they are always right and think they should control other person's life all the time should seriously get help. An Idiot disguised as a Friend (thank god I knew the true colors now !!) went on a advise spree as to what I should write and post in the Blog world and say what I should do to change my thinking. And fundamentally his problem was that he thinks it is unethical to write this and that. LOL, sad part of this is that the jerk did not know what "Ethic" actually is. The idiot if ever will read this paragraph will know who I am talking about. But such is the experiences life offer us and it is all about how much we learn from it. I always wondered how animals did not exhibit such traits - the back stabbing. Or may be I don't know if they existed.

Anyway, that beyond the point, he is worth nothing anymore but I was thinking how easy it is in the Animal kingdom to draw an analogy to every human action. In your experience have you ever encountered some human acts that cannot be compared to the any animal extinct.

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