Monday, September 03, 2007

Oh thy shall die another day in America...!

AMERICANS' support for the death penalty is waning, one state at a time. States have had jurisdiction over the issue since 1976 and so differences abound. Texas has executed most people; California has most death-row inmates but has executed only a small number. Since 2000, 12 states have suspended the death penalty, including New Jersey, which is moving towards formal abolition. Three have reversed the suspension this year. It seems last year two-thirds of states executed no one. Public opinion is also changing: a slim plurality of people said they would prefer to see prisoners locked up for life rather than executed, according to a recent poll.

The ever trusted, Economist has a good write up on this. The article is "here".

But around the world there may be so many atrocities committed and people may remain rude and arrogant for what they did and finally when law catches up with them and issues "Death Sentence" would you be sad for the person who committed it or would you as a person advocate for a life sentence instead? I mean to come back to the more recent news in India, Sanjay Dutt, I call him a terrorist and Salman Khan, a lewd bastardized crook, the BMW payment murderer, the Muslim terrorists blasting the country and the world, and many more people of such abilities if found guilty, would you sympathize with them and say, " You should get a lifer and no death" or go with the flow by going for the harsher treatment to let the public in the society know that a crime is a crime, no matter how you see and where you talk.

On a completely unrelated note, just to let you know, I read the strange or rather bizarre news in the Outlook this time that "Salman may get about a year or tops two for murdering the payment dwellers and can obviously snuffle in the money in the pockets that yearn and can even go scout free by not serving even a day in the prison for the gruesome murder!"

My take on the capital punishment is that it should be more of situational. I mean, you can bend the arms of the law depending on the crime. If it is a terrorist under question, then it obviously does not make sense to have him behind the bars . He gets to visit hell and death is the only means. For every bestial crimes, like a several years back in one of the failed states of India, Bihar, two men raped a women and now to ensure the "evidence" is flushed, they tried to pull the uterus out to flush the stuff-that-matters. All this happening when the lady was alive and shouting. They were never arrested. I mean such people don't deserve to live a second life when they take the right to run over other people's life. Such people should get the DEATH. The rest should get the lifer.

What is your take on this?

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